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Created By:
cheeksjas on March 26, 2010
Body Parts:
Abs, Biceps, Calves, Thighs, Chest, Back, Lower Back, Shoulders, Trapezius, Triceps

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Workout Routine Sample

Day 1
Cardio Training Exercises (definitions)Cardio
Rest (sec.)
Cardio Warm Up0.000 miles0-
Yoga0.000 miles0-
Hard Cardio - 75% Max HR (RPE 7)0.000 miles0-
Stretching0.000 miles0-
Cardio Kickboxing0.000 miles0-
Jumping Jacks0.000 miles0-
Boxing0.000 miles0-
Jog in Place0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Plank Pose0.000 miles0-
Yoga for Beginners0.000 miles0-
Kickboxing0.000 miles0-
Running Stairs0.000 miles0-
Butt Kicks0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Standing Forward Bend0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Mountain Pose0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Mountain Arms Overhead0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Lunge0.000 miles0-
Pilates: 10 Minute Sculpting0.000 miles0-
High Knee Drills0.000 miles0-
Bikram Yoga0.000 miles0-
BodyRock Fitness - 12 Minute Exercise Challenge0.000 miles0-
Cross-Ski0.000 miles0-
Karate0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Warrior 10.000 miles0-
Barry's Boot Camp0.000 miles0-
Pilates: 10 Minute Flex-Full0.000 miles0-
Advanced Curves Workout0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Child's Pose0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Tree Pose0.000 miles0-
Core Rhythms0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Cat Pose0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Warrior 20.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Seated Forward Bend0.000 miles0-
Best Way to Exercise: Direct Hip Rotations0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 2: Upward Facing Dog0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Triangle Pose0.000 miles0-
BodyRock Fitness: Cardio Exercise Workout 50.000 miles0-
Crisscrosses0.000 miles0-
Tai Chi0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 2: Low Lunge Arms Raised0.000 miles0-
BodyRock Fitness Boot Camp: Side Lunge Touch Down0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Reclining Twist0.000 miles0-
BodyRock Fitness Boot Camp Workout I: Burpees0.000 miles0-
Yoga Level 1: Cow Pose0.000 miles0-
0.000 miles0-
BodyRock Fitness Killer 300 Rep Workout0.000 miles0-
Tae Kwon Do0.000 miles0-
Day 2
Cardio Training Exercises (definitions)Cardio
Rest (sec.)
Outdoor Running0.000 miles30-

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