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Created By:
terribleteddy on December 19, 2009
Workout Category:
Strength & Cardio Combined
Experience Level:
Target Gender:
Body Parts:
Abs, Biceps, Back, Forearms, Chest, Lower Back, Shoulders, Thighs, Trapezius, Triceps

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Workout Routine Sample

Day 1
Strength Training ExercisesExercise
Rest (sec.)
Ball Crunches--30
Bridge (Plank)--30
Closed Leg Toe Touches--30
Dumbbell Side Bends--30
Flutter Kicks--30
Glute Bridge with Abduction--30
Hanging Knees-to-Elbows--30
Side Jackknifes--30
Barbell Bicep Curls: Single-Leg--60
Barbell One-Arm Biceps Curl--60
Biceps Curl with Tubing--60
Cable Curls--60
EZ Curl Bar Curls--60
Kneeling Cable, Internal Rotation--60
Seated Hammer Curls--60
Single-Arm Preacher Hammer Curl--60
Suicide Curls--60
Back Row with Tubing--60
Bar Muscle-Up--60
Barbell Clean and Jerk--60
Barbell Hang Power Clean--60
Barbell Hang Power Snatch--60
Barbell Pressing Snatch Balance--60
Barbell Suitcase Deadlift--60
Cable Chop (Woodchopper)--60
Clean with Front Squat--60
Close-Grip Pulldowns--60
Kettlebell Turkish Get Up--60
Kettlebell Turkish Sit Up--60
Kettlebell Two-Hand Swing--60
Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls--60
Barbell Wrist Curls--60
Dumbbell Reverse Wrist Curls--60
Dumbbell Wrist Curls--60
Weight Roll-Ups--60
Barbell Bench Press--60
Barbell Bench Press: Speed--60
Barbell Board Press--60
Barbell Pin Press--60
Cable Crossovers--60
Decline Barbell Press--60
Dumbbell Alternating Bench on Swiss Ball--60
Incline Dumbbell Press: Speed--60
Hindu Pushup--60
Incline Dumbbell Flyes--60
Incline Dumbbell Press--60
Medicine Ball: Chest Press with Rotation--60
Incline Pushups: Hands on Bench--60
Pushups: Handstand--60
Pushups: Kneeling--60
Pushups: Medicine Ball--60
Pushups: One-Arm Medicine Ball--60
Pushups: Plyometric--60
Spiderman Pushup--60
Lower Back
Back Extensions--60
Back Extension: Ground--60
Back Extension: Plank Hold with Lift--60
Good Mornings--60
30 Degree Dumbbell Raises--60
Back Extension with Lower Trap Raise--60
Barbell Push Jerk--60
Barbell Push Press--60
Barbell Snatch-Grip, External Rotation--60
Dumbbell Cross Punch--60
Dumbbell Shoulder Press on Swiss Ball--60
Medicine Ball Drop Under--60
Medicine Ball Lunge--60
Medicine Ball Slam--60
Medicine Ball: Alternating Scoop Toss--60
Plate Pickup Overhead Lift--60
Reverse Rear Dumbbell Raises--60
Seated Behind-The-Neck Press--60
Seated Dumbbell Press--60
Shoulder Press Pushup--60
Shoulder Press with Tubing--60
Split Squat with Shoulder Press--60
Alternating Prone Abduction on Swiss Ball--60
Kneeling Prone Abduction on Swiss Ball--60
Kneeling Prone Scaption on Swiss Ball--60
Seated Dumbbell Flexion on Swiss Ball--60
Seated Dumbbell Abduction on Swiss Ball--60
Standing Barbell Press--60
Standing Dumbbell Flyes--60
Standing Dumbbell Press--60
Twisting Dumbbell Shoulder Press--60
Squats: Body Weight--60
Angled Leg Press--60
Barbell Hack Squat--60
Barbell Lunges--60
Barbell Lunges: Lateral--60
Barbell Split Squat--60
Barbell Thrusters--60
Barbell Transverse Step Ups--60
Thrusters: Body Weight--60
Box Jumps--60
Box Squat--60
Butt Kick Jumps--60
Duck Hack Squats--60
Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat--60
Front Squats--60
Hack Squats--60
Ice Skater--60
Dumbbell Jump Squat--60
Jump Squats: Body Weight--60
Jumping Jacks: Basic--60
Standing Leg Curls--60
Barbell Shrugs--60
Barbell Upright Rows--60
Dumbbell Shrugs--60
Alternating Supine Triceps Extensions--60
Bent-Over Triceps Cable Extension--60
Triceps Cable Pushdowns--60
Close-Grip Bench Press--60
Machine Triceps Extensions--60
One-Arm Dumbbell Extensions--60
One-Arm Dumbbell Kickbacks--60
Pushups: Close Grip--60
Reverse-Grip Triceps Extension--60
Rings: Triceps Dips--60
Rope Extensions--60
Single-Arm Lying Triceps Extension--60
Alternating Triceps Extension on Swiss Ball--60
Prone Triceps Extensions on Swiss Ball--60
One-Arm Triceps Extensions on Swiss Ball--60
Triceps Bench Dips--60
Triceps Parallel-Bar Dips--60
Cardio Training Exercises (definitions)Cardio
Rest (sec.)
100 Meter Repeats0.000 miles0-
1600M Repeat0.000 miles0-
220 yard sprint (1/8 mile)0.000 miles0-
400M Repeat0.000 miles0-
440 yard sprint (1/4 mile)0.000 miles0-
55% Max Cycling (RPE 3)0.000 miles0-
55% Max Run (RPE 3)0.000 miles0-
65% Max Cycling (RPE 4)0.000 miles0-
75% Max Cycling (RPE 5)0.000 miles0-
75% Max Sprint (RPE 5)0.000 miles0-
Active Rest - Cycling (RPE 2)0.000 miles0-
Active Rest - Walk (RPE 1)0.000 miles0-
Aerobics0.000 miles0-
Backwards Run0.000 miles0-
Barry's Boot Camp0.000 miles0-
Basketball0.000 miles0-
Best Way to Exercise: Direct Hip Rotations0.000 miles0-
Best Way to Exercise: Lying Hip Thrusts0.000 miles0-
Best Way to Exercise: Modified Leg Lifts0.000 miles0-
Best Way to Exercise: Tight Glute Ab Lifts0.000 miles0-
Best Way to Exercise: Toe Tap Rock Back0.000 miles0-
Boxing0.000 miles0-
Calisthenics - High Effort0.000 miles0-
Cardio Kickboxing0.000 miles0-
Cardio Warm Up0.000 miles0-
Cone Drill0.000 miles0-
Depth Jumps0.000 miles0-
Jiu-Jitsu0.000 miles0-
Jump Rope: Double Unders0.000 miles0-
Medicine Ball Chest Pass0.000 miles0-
Medicine Ball Discus Throw0.000 miles0-
Medicine Ball One-Leg Overhead Throw0.000 miles0-
Medicine Ball Overhead Throw0.000 miles0-
Medicine Ball Shot Put0.000 miles0-
Mixed Martial Arts0.000 miles0-
Model Fitness: Kim's Dumbbell Workout0.000 miles0-

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