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mizsassy mizsassy
Wed, Feb 17, 2010 08:02
Measuring Spaghetti
I got a question. The nutrition facts on spaghetti, is that for before or after you cook it? Wasn't sure which way to measure it.

holieta holieta
Wed, Feb 17, 2010 10:02
Hmmmmm - I'm not an expert, but......
I'm not an expert but if I was going to eat spaghetti and I had the box I would go by values on the box which to me, would mean COOKED. If it said a portion size was 1 cup, I'd pull out my measuring cup just to see how much cooked spaghetti it took to equal a cup. Then, if I ate out somewhere, I would have a better idea of how much equaled a cup to best judge what I'm eating. Consider wheat spaghetti or even spinach spaghetti. It's a lot better for you and you can't even taste any difference in it than the regular kind. My husband didn't like the idea of the wheat until he found out he couldn't tell the difference!
Good luck!!!

Samana0682 Samana0682
Wed, Feb 17, 2010 15:02
Not an expert either
Depending on what brand you buy, it will tell you on the box. However, if it says 1 cup as the serving size that usually means cooked. When it gives the serving info in ounces that means dry. I cooked some noodles for supper last night that said a serving size was 2 oz and kinda freaked out because how in the heck am I supposed to know what 2 oz is? Then I got the bright idea to weigh myself on my scale (it's digital so it shows oz too) then pull what I thought was 2 oz out. Then when I cooked it I put it in a measuring cup to see how much that was ... and it came to just a little over a cup.
To answer your question I guess, instead of rambling, It's borderline impossible to measure dry long pasta by cup or what not.

ldevany ldevany
Mon, Feb 22, 2010 09:02
Good question
According to most of the packages the serving size is 2 oz dry. It is not very much. It does add up to about 1 cup cooked. Try it and you will see. Yes, wheat speghetti is much better for you. Try angel hair it is really good.

mizsassy mizsassy
Mon, Feb 22, 2010 13:02
Thanks for all the info. The spaghetti I use is Smart Taste thin spaghetti. It says a serving is 2oz, which I assumed you measure dry, but wasn't quite sure. I've done the wheat and it's not to bad, but the Smart has less carbs. Thanks again for the info.

WIP_1983 WIP_1983
Sun, May 2, 2010 09:05
Measure out before cooking. Generally it's based on 2 oz. dry.

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