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February 14, 2011
lynjoy tracked her dinner for February 14, 2011.
lynjoy has created a new recipe: Dr. Oz Red Drink.
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February 13, 2011
lynjoy tracked a strength workout for February 12, 2011.
lynjoy tracked her lunch for February 13, 2011.
lynjoy tracked her dinner for February 13, 2011.
lynjoy tracked her breakfast for February 13, 2011.

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  • Valentines posted by lynjoy
    Leftover from yesterday: Last night we didn't eat dinner, just Sunday way we do things. My husband asked me if I wanted chocolate - no. I went to the refrigerator and ate leftover broccoli slaw. That was an achievement. I had a doctor's appt. early this morning. I went to the SABA gym and worked out. I met husband for Valentines at Olive Garden. Yes, I splurged today, I was hungry and ordered eggplant parmiagiana instead of soup. I ate the breadsticks. I ate the mints. I went shopping and that added to my exercise.
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  • lynjoy
    lynjoy replied to Help!
    02/13/2011 04:17 PM

    It really helps me to listen to audible books on nutrition and how to live a new life by reducing food. I have two I can recommend, one is by Dr. Kessler on overeating and the other is The Beck Diet Solution. Dr. Kessler is a former FDA commissioner. He details how the food industry has engineered foods to be addictive etc. Judith Beck's book is on how to lose weight. I listen to them over and over, particularly when I have a hard time not eating.

    Something to do with your hands will help too, like knitting or crocheting. I am on a hospital health program and I am not allowed to eat after dinner. Keeping track of your food helps too, especially if you share it with someone and you know someone else is looking at it. My nutritionist looks at mine.

  • lynjoy
    lynjoy replied to Diet Drinks
    02/13/2011 09:35 AM

    I am assuming by diet drinks you are talking about the drinks with artificial sweeteners. From all the research I have done, from what my nutritionist has told me, etc., diet drinks and artificial sweeteners (including Truvia and Splenda which are not "natural" sweeteners despite marketing) make you want more sweets. It is also believed they trigger other reactions in your body, and a new study says it is possible they could trigger heart attacks. My cardiologist says more study is needed on that but he tends to believe it is true.

    These are also chemicals and it is best to reduce as many chemicals you put into your body as possible. Both my GI and urologist has told me artificial sweeteners are believed to cause cancers in the bladder and GI tract. Sugar has 16 calories per teaspoons. My nutritionist says we can have 2 teaspoons per day if absolutely necessary. Be aware most every purchased food you get from a restaurant or in a box or can has sugar.


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