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geovanyb96 GEO MO MO
by geovanyb96
iceis987 Fun @ the UREC
by iceis987
tmck99 triciafit
by tmck99
spassytaz Get it Done!
by spassytaz
angelaraestanle 5/8/2014
by angelaraestanle
masonp mason's workout
by masonp
FantasiaGrann fat burning
by FantasiaGrann

Made for at home women with little to no excersice equipment, with lttle time.  I made it to help problem areas the belly, and thighs but also arm back and cheast.

jeffreylw 30 minutes of hell
by jeffreylw
soccermomm Getting Started
by soccermomm
CaitEliza19 Aerobics project
by CaitEliza19
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Power Tools for Weight Loss Success: Workout Plans

Choosing a Workout Plan

FitClick is committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to be on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Adding a workout plan to your weekly regimen is one of the best life decisions you can make. Let us help you find the best workout to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Our workout plans directory is easy-to-use and provides you with a broad variety of free workout plans to choose from. Simply search for the type of workout plan you want or use the filter to refine your search by workout category, type, level and source. We offer FitClick designed plans and 100's of member created workouts, and of all of them can be individually customized to you.

In addition to our workout plans, access our other resources such as our calorie counter and food diary, calorie calculator, calories burned calculator and more! We feel that ‘seeing’ your progress is a great asset in your pursuit of fitness. Our tools are engineered to facilitate weight loss and to help you achieve results.

We are a fitness community here. Read feedback and suggestions from other members about workout plans, diets or weight loss tips. Being healthy takes focus and dedication and we have built a community committed to helping one another achieve lasting results.

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  • its time posted by mikeytime
    ok i have  been bouncing this around in my head since i join and did nothing now its time to be accounable for doing this so here we go need help on ways to lose weight ang get in shape not out to chandge the world but get healthy

From the Fitness Boards

  • This is an extremely common frusteration, especially for women. Reality is you don't that that much extra weight to lose and weight fluctuates a lot. I have known my own weight to fluctuate 6 pounds in one week without my size changing. It goes up and down within a predicable range all the time.

    2 things could happen as you work out and control your eating:
    1) you could lose w...

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  • V Sit-Ups

    Raise upper body while trying to touch your fingers to your toes

  • Ice Hockey

    Cross training can help prevent injuries

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