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Are you looking for a workout routine to get your body fit? We understand that getting in shape takes commitment and knowledge. Choose a free workout and get on the road to fitness. To supplement our fitness programs, we suggest customizing a diet plan and utilizing our calorie counter, social fitness boards, and more!

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CORE RHYTHMS ™ offers revolutionary weight loss exercise programs that use sexy Latin Dance Moves that raise your heart rate and tone and tighten your entire core at the same time. The fun, CORE RHYTHMS ™ moves all start with the core, affecting your upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, obliques and your back to give you a 360° total CORE WORKOUT, all while being swept away by the fun of dance. It's a CORE RHYTHMS™ workout!

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Power Tools for Weight Loss Success: Workout Routines

Finding a Fitness Program

Being fit isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about keeping weight off and leading a healthy lifestyle. Workout routines and fitness programs can be adopted in order to keep the pounds off. FitClick is committed to providing you with the tools you need to get and stay in shape. Benefit from our wealth of information, including exercise programs, fitness tips, and blogs.

Check out our suite of fitness programs. Our workout routine search allows you to browse by category, type, and fitness level. See which workout routines are highly rated by other members of the community. Filter routines created by you, your friends, or FitClick. With something for everyone, you’re sure to find a great fitness program that is fun, challenging, and effective.

Quick tips for choosing workout routines:

- Consult a physician before engaging in intense workout regimens especially if you have an existing medical condition.

- Think about your ultimate goal. Fitness programs can target specific areas while others can provide a general, all-around workout. How do you want to tailor your body? We have separated the fitness programs into specific categories for your convenience.

- Remember losing weight and being healthy takes time. Have fun with your workout routine and be sure to choose a fitness plan that is not overwhelming. Remain focused on achieving your goals, yet be patient with yourself in developing healthy, long-lasting habits.

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  • Knees posted by amethystrse
    Yes, definitely watch the knees. With ANY exercise (step, lunges, etc) NEVER allow your knee to go past your toes.

    There are a lot of great step programs out there. WalMart sells a really good one that I had used for a while. It comes with a step and video. I forget the name and can't find the video at the moment. But if you go into their fitness section you might find it. It wa...


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