My Struggle with the last 5kg

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2010 is going to be the fittest and prettiest

Monday, January 11, 2010 at 4:41 PM filed under Diet & Nutrition postings
Hi you guys,
I first wanted to check, if I go through, but since I am in the second week recording all food, I feel up to get my blog.
My intentions to lose weight - only 5kg - but these are the important hard ones - is to look my best. I try to be my best always in any part of my life. It just never worked for my shape. I am quite thin, but I want to be toned - just like Jessica Biel or Kate Backinsale. Not skinny, but just amazingly looking. For that to happen, I need to lose 5kg. I live on a approx. 1300 kcal diet now and try to manage this as good as I can. Also, I do quite a lot of sports, I also teach 3 fitness classes.  
So far I have been struggling with dinner. I need a hearty breakfast, but also, in the evening I love to hang out in front of the TV and have a snack. This is really, really hard to put through. I pretty much only have 200 kcal left for dinner, which is not a lot more than cabbage soup or veggie sticks. It is ok, but popcorn, crackers, ... is a no go :-(.
Well, I would love to hear how you are holding up with low calories. Do you have any advice for dinner snacks??
All the best and take care,