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Back in the saddle again

Monday, January 25, 2010 at 9:29 AM filed under Weight Loss postings
I made it through the weekend and exercised.  I snacked most of the time so it was dificult to track.  I had fruit as well as snack crackers and cheese.  I did have pizza one night but I also exercised with the eliptical as well as lots of swimming with the kids. Over all it was a lot of fun and I wasn't too bad with my diet.  My daughter is going to be getting her gym membership and she is very excited about going to the gym with me.  I we have turned the corner for the family and I am going shopping today.  I had the kids write down all their favorite foods that are healthy so I can be sure and have something they will eat as well without arguing with them.  I gotta hit the gym before it gets to late now.