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Friday, January 29, 2010 at 8:13 AM filed under Weight Loss postings
Hello, I am 23 years old and mother of a handsome 18 month old boy. I have run track my whole life and never had a problem staying thin. While pregnant with my son I gain 45lbs. Doctors order I was 125 lbs with 10% body fat. I was told that if I didnt gain fat that i would lose my son. So even when I gain the recommended 25 lbs my bodyfat count was still only 18%. So I was told to stop working out and gain another 20 lbs. Which I did of course. So I had my son and within 2 weeks I lost 25 lbs, but the last 15 lbs dont wanna leave. I've lost over 15 inches over my whole body in the last year but still dont have that 27 inch waist back. I hips and butt are back down to their prepreggo size and so is my breast, but my waist is a 32 and my stomach is a 31. Most people would say I have a coke bottle shape and I don't need to lose weight. But when I look at my old pictures I miss that person. She was so confident in everything she did and wore.

My weight lost goals is 125lbs with 18% body fat by my birthday June 30, I want to wear a bikini and feel confident in myself. Currently I am 137 and 25% body fat.

Please don't judge me, 125 lbs is in the normal range for my height 5'2, and 137 is on the heavier side. I just wanna get to the normal range.
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