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Friday, April 9, 2010 at 11:51 AM filed under Weight Loss postings
I lost 35-40lbs in the last 6-8 months. However, I was working fulltime as a waitress and would hit that 10,000 steps/day goal every 6 hours. I was going to the gym a few days per week and experimenting with my diet so that I could reach a plan I was comfortable with. I have read, researched, and ultimately learned about different types of exercises, diets, and tips galore. All that is done now. I am at a different place and have different goals. I now work in an office from 9-5pm, and because I sit all day I have been forced to adjust my diet and exercise program accordingly. I want to exercise twice a day to 1. keep up with my previous daily activity level. and 2. lose that extra 20lbs. My new work schedule gives me the advantage of setting exact meal times and having 3-4 steady meals per day. So I plan to wake up and make breakfast, have lunch at noon and then dinner after my workout. Also, I have come to terms with the idea of taking vitamins and supplements DAILY, so I decided to buy the Be-Hot vitamin & supplement package from GNC. Hopefully, that will take care of the  daily vitamins needed, the energy boost for such a demanding plan, and speed up my metabolism. By the way, I want to tone and be at 135lbs in six weeks... but I think I am all set to go! 
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