The Yogurt Lowdown

The Skinny on Yogurt and Your Health

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Many people believe that any type of yogurt is healthy. Unfortunately, this isn't true. There are number of varieties out there that are filled with excess fat, calories, and sugar. Still, yogurt is a great source of calcium and, when you choose the right type, it can be very good for you.

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  • posted by jjswbs2
    A 30k day is very seldom... especially in the cold months. In order for me to get that high I would do a very early morning 5 miles (10k steps) an after lunch 5 miles and then an evening 5 miles. Clearly it has to be a day where the interruptions are very limited ;) doesn't happen often enough.

    During these cold/icy months it is sometimes a struggle to even get over 10k in a day...