The Yogurt Lowdown

The Skinny on Yogurt and Your Health

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Many people believe that any type of yogurt is healthy. Unfortunately, this isn't true. There are number of varieties out there that are filled with excess fat, calories, and sugar. Still, yogurt is a great source of calcium and, when you choose the right type, it can be very good for you.

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  • Not losing posted by ldevany
    FC says I should eat 1700 calories to lose weight being an inactive person. I eat 1400 and still not losing. I do swim when I can, lift light weights and do all our yard and house work. Soooo, why am I not losing. When I eat more I gain weight. Any suggestion? A doctor said to eat more and exercise alot more to cancel out the calories and my body wont think it is starving. 1400 cal is a...