Must-Know Weight Loss Tips, Lesson Two

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#1 Fill Up on Fiber

Fiber-rich foods make us feel fuller. In addition to the many health benefits, like reducing risk of colon cancer and lowering cholesterol, fiber will help trim your waistline. Fibrous foods take longer to digest keeping you feeling satisfied for longer stretches of time. Stack your diet with whole, natural foods and avoid processed foods with added sugar. Switch from white to whole grain breads. Enjoy other fiber-filled foods like berries, bran, brown rice, oatmeal, pistachios, black beans, and peas.

#2 Buddy Up

While some friends are bad influences, encouraging you to go for beers or eat fast foods, others are excellent motivators. You’re more likely to slack off when no one’s watching. Have a friend hold you accountable to your diet promises and fitness goals. Find a buddy to work with at the gym. Go for runs and walks together. It’s important to cheer each other on after a tough workout and to call each other out when you slip off the wagon. 

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    Hi Ladies,
    I did it!! 188lbs this afternoon so that's my first 10lbs gone!! Yaaayy!!
    Gosh i'm hungry haven't eaten yet and my stomach is growling LOL so i'm going to make this short. I'm addicted to boxing hehe its about the only 'workout' that I enjoy doing :) its working so i'm going to stick with it.
    Oh Sheena, sorry to hear your pooch is up to mischief. Have you got enough r...