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FitClick Talk-to-Track Diet App - Available for Android and iOS

The ALL-NEW FitClick Talk-to-Track app is our patent-pending natural language diet tracker that allows you to count calories by simply TALKING into your phone.

No more typing in food names!

No more searching for foods!

No more reading through long lists of food choices!

No more one food at a time tracking!

No more tedious entry of quantities eaten!

It's now simply… SAY the names of the foods you ate and you're DONE. TALK-TO-TRACK has arrived!

With the FitClick Talk-to-Track app you simply:

  1. Push the keyboard microphone and SAY WHAT YOU ATE for each meal.

THAT'S IT. You're DONE. That's all you have to do to count calories.

Talk-to-Track is a LEARNING system. As you track your foods, it learns what you like to eat and uses that data to pull the proper foods from the database.

Here are some examples of what app users say when they Talk-to-Track:

  • egg white omelet, cantaloupe wedges
  • one cup cottage cheese one ounce almonds
  • four ounces grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, tomato, italian vinaigrette
  • quarter pounder, mcdonalds fries, diet coke
  • eight grilled shrimp, half cup white rice, broccoli

FitClick Talk-to-Track is 100% FREE. No hidden charges of in-app purchases.

FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker App - available for iOS only

The FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker app allows users to do all of the primary services ofered via the FitClick website on their iOS devices, including the following:

  • Count calories eaten and burned
  • Follow a personalized diet plan
  • Follow a custom diet plan that you create
  • Follow a personalized workout routine
  • Follow a custom workout that you create
  • Track nutrients for 300,000+ foods
  • Track 1,400+ exercises
  • View detailed exercise instructions + videos

The FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker app costs $3.99 on the Apple App Store.

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