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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 4:42 PM filed under Weight Loss postings
Into my third week now and I've lost 6 pounds! That keeps me right on track to losing 25 before bubby gets out of boot camp! I'm so proud of him and I just want to do something that will make him proud of me. I'll probably look a lot sexier too

It's hard work, but I feel much more accountable now that I have a place where I have to put in all of my calories. I haven't cheated so far and I'm seeing results so hopefully I can stay on this new kick!

I also believe in reinforcement so every night after I put in my last calories for the day I check to make sure I'm under my alotted calories. If I am I'm 'allowed' to write Sean a letter. I go insane without being able to write him since I'm not able to talk to him on the phone or over the internet! I would much rather be hungry than not write him! So far I haven't missed a day and I'm proud of myself!

I realize no one will probably ever read these, but it helps to get my feelings and thoughts out 'onto paper' if you will.

I hope everyone is acheiving their goals and having fun doing it!

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