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New Plan - All about Math

Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 11:41 PM filed under Weight Loss postings
So I have decided that it is time to focus. Since talking with my Dr.s (yes plural. I have many) I was advised that exercise is a really good thing and I shouldn't let my joint pain stop me. No more excuses. I will listen to one Doc regarding my heart rate. I have found that running elevates it WAY WAY too much. Why would I want to be burning muscle instead of fat? So here is the change of plans. I will go back to what I know and do best; watching what I eat & classes...lots of classes.

We all know that you have to have a 3500 calorie deficit in order to lose 1lb per week. We also know it is healthy to lose 1-2 lbs per week for the average person who needs to lose 10-15 lbs. In doing the math I have figured out that in order to have the 7000 deficit necessary to burn 2 lbs per week and make me swimsuit ready by May I will need to accomplish the following. That's it. Simple. No more messing around.

The Facts:
  • According to my heart rate monitor, etc. I burn ~500/cardio session during classes.
  • Based on my height/weight/activity level per FitClick I burn 1789 calories per day no matter what.
This means that I will have to have on average a negative 1000 calories per day to loose the desired 2lbs per week.

Here is how it adds up:

Monday: Calories In: 1300; Class (~500) Total Deficit: 989
Tuesday: Calories In: 1300; Class (~500) Total Deficit: 989
Wednesday: Calories In: 1300; Class (~500) Total Deficit: 989
Thursday: Calories In: 1300; Class (~500) Total Deficit: 989
Friday: Calories In: 1300; Class (~500) Total Deficit: 989
Saturday: Calories In: 1300 Total Deficit: 589
Sunday: Calories In: 1300 Total Deficit: 589

Total negative calories for the week: 5923.

Now you might be saying...Wait! You said you will have to burn 7000 calories to lose 2lbs per week. Ok, point taken, but let's be realistic. I am 5'6.5" and weigh ~153lbs. It is not super healthy for me to eat any less than 1300 per day for any length of time. Plus, this could all easily change based on energy. If I don't have energy or am hungry in any way this plan will most likely fail, but more one how I will combat that in a sec.

Here is the run down. Even only having a deficit of 5923 per week I am still at 85% of my goal. That means that I should lose ~ 1.7 lbs per week. If I can keep this up. I will lose my target 15 lbs in 9 weeks which is perfect for Memorial Day weekend! That will put me at 138lbs which is exactly where I was pre-sickness!

Now what about the hunger? Well I am picking foods high in fiber and they must be on the food pyramid. Meaning, nothing that has been chemically altered. This means I will eat items like smoothies and granola for breakfast; veggie sandwiches for lunch; and a light healthy dinner consisting of vegetables, protein and most likely a starch.

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